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MS Word 2003 Test

1. In Word 2003, the two primary graphic categories are: Answers: charts drawing objects AutoShapes pictures Clip Art 2. The figure shows the Save As dialog box under the File menu. The Save As Type has been specified as XML Document and the Apply transform option has been checked (selected). What does this mean? Answers: [...]

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MS Word 2000 Test

1. You require to make a form in Word 2000. You require certain parts of the form to be protected against changes made by the end user and certain parts to be editable. How will you achieve this? Answers: Add sections to the form, and choose which sections you would like to protect from the [...]

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MS Excel 2007 Test

1. What is the option on the Document Inspector that finds the content type information? Answers: Comments and Annotations Headers and Footers Document Properties and Personal Information Hidden Rows and Columns 2. How can a chart be modified? Answers: By modifying a legend By modifying the display of chart axes By modifying titles and data [...]

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MS Excel 2000 Test

1. Which of the following errors appears when an invalid argument is passed while converting a number from one number system to another system? Answers: #N/A Blank cell appears #ERROR #NUM 2. Which of the following shortcuts can be used to insert a new line in the same cell? Answers: Ctrl+Enter Enter Alt+Enter Ctrl+L 3. [...]

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