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Sample Cover Letter

Making 10 videos with Camtasia

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Hello sir, my name is David

I like to record and produce videos. I have my own channel where I regularly post new games recoding.

I do my videos using Adobe Premier CS6, Camtasia 8 and Movie Maker.

I am very attentive to details, and quality of my work does not depend on price, which is paid.

I know how to put all things like video, music and images together, add get beautiful results.

Do not worry, I can show you interim results so you can easy add changes on all stages. I am free to add any corrections, which you want.

If you wish, I can share some advice how to combine your materials in a video to get better results.

I am agree with your price and would be glad to get this project.

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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Sample Cover Letter

Buttons you wear on clothing

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Dear customer

I really like this task and such sphere. Please see my quick mockup attached here for your task. Is it close to what you want?

Let me ask some questions:
– do want to use standard size or custom? If custom can you please provide sizes
– usually for printing machine you need 200-300dpi. Do you have any particular requirements?
– do you already have images for button or I should find them? Are you willing to purchase images or they must be free?

I can provide more examples just to find the best solution for you.

I would like to work on this task for you, sir. 2 buttons may cost in a total $20 but we can discuss it

Thank you!

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Sample Cover Letter

Graphic Layout for Joomla web site, Education area

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Hello sir,

It looks like my skills perfect fit for your job. For the last 6 years, I designed large amount of corporate, sale and blog web sites.

I did creative for a client who offers online math curriculums, but actually have not had an experience to design education web sites yet.

My name is Manuel Isparro and I am a web designer and Joomla expert. I love Joomla and I have a large portfolio of sites built specifically on this platform.

You can find many projects in my portfolio done especially for Joomla.

I guarantee you:
– I am very quickly understand client needs and provide first mockups
– I follow best practice to design responsive web sites
– I have a great design sense for American and European web site design
– My native language is English, so I can ensure quality communication.

To start this project I need the following:
– I did quick research and found 7 similar web sites. Can you tell me if you like something in terms of colors and layouts
– it would be good if you provide me a logo if you have one
– do you have layout mockups or should I provide them?
– do you want to keep the same functionality or add some new features?

Thank you and I look forward to the opportunity to work on this project.

Manuel Isparro
Web Design Expert

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Sample Cover Letter

UI design

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This is my job. I am specialized in UI and UX more than 5 years.

I did brand user-friendly style for local and international business.

I checked your current web site and its front-end functionality. It is amazing how many functions you provide to customers. Great job!

Of course you want to design the backend, but I want to add some comments about public pages:
– you implemented great instant search, but it does not do suggestions as Google does
– top navigation is too complicated and immediately disappeared if move mouse into wrong position
– page is overloaded by details, let move secondary info on a details page
– comparison: need to add feature to highlight the same values and show/hide them

I attached rough mockup how backend of list of product may look like. Do you want me to complete it?

My rate is $18/hr.

Would glad to work with you sir!

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Sample Cover Letter

Project Manager of Squarespace web site

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My name is Michael.

For the last 10 years I launched more than 500 different web sites for such brands as Microsoft, TVOne, Sniders, Discovery, Hitachi, Sony.

It was web sites from small one-page only to e-commerce solutions.

I worked with almost all popular CMS and web site builders like: DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal, Weebly, Jimdo, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Blogger.

My web sites were integrated with such payment, shipping and social networking systems like: Moneris, Authorize.net, Paypal, Paymenttech, UPS, USPS, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo.

Every project which I did I follow the rules:
– describe project functionality, prepare UX and UI mockups for designer
– clarify all questions about creative and behavior
– make a functional specification which is clear for all involved people from QA till client
– keep client updated about project status. I used such tools like Trello, Fogbugz, Jira, Bugzilla
– always be in touch with development team to help them make tech decisions and control timelines. Hold short meeting every day;
– periodically show intermediated tested results to client. I use testing, training and production environment for continuous development process
– deploy project on the production
– backup policy
– work on client’s feedback and support web site.

I have great technical background in programming, databases, user experience and user interfaces. Such background allows me easy communicate with all project team.

I understand how all details important for a web site. On my previous work, our testing process included checking creative pixel by pixel to meet client requirements.

I am open-minded, easy communicator, can work in different timezones, always polite and do things in time.

If you wish I can provide fixed cost if you give more details. My rate is $20/h.

In case to help you to hire me I can do quick user experience mockups just to show my understanding and high quality of the work. It will be free.

Thank you for opportunity.

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Sample Cover Letter

Graphic Designer Wanted

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Dear employer,

After reading your offer this looks like a perfect fit for my skill sets. I have built a large number of creative designs for different businesses.

My name is Kurt and I am an Australian web designer. I love web site designs and have great portfolio with different mockups.

You can find my recent projects in the profile.

I can assure you several things in addition that I am a professional designer:
– I have a great design sense for European corporate design
– I am an Australian with native English. I can guarantee quality in communications.
– I work extremely fast and with high quality

Some questions I have for you about the project:
– Can you please provide links of your close competitors?
– Do you already have a web site, just to see its structure and content
– What is the purpose of your site: selling service, business card, small corporate web site?
– What features and functionality are you looking for in the site?

Thank you and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

I would estimate this work on $350, but it we can discuss it if you decide to do this project with me.

Kurt Jobson

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Sample Cover Letter

Product Management

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My name is Petr fom Moskov

I am 15 years in IT: began as a software developer (PHP, Delphi, ASPX) and QA than became a senior developer, team lead and finally – project manager.

I am not just familiar with things you mentioned in your offer, but I 10 years managed our remote teams in China, Russia, Canada and small team from India.

During last 7 years, as a project manager, I communicate with clients, write functional specifications (using best UX practice), make prototypes using Axure and Visio and discuss tech implementation with our development staff.

I setup QA and development process using 3 types of working environments: development, testing and training.

I perfectly know all development stages and rebuilt PMBook and MFS methodology under needs on our company.

I taught our tech writes how to create user guides easy and attractive for end users.

I launched many different project from small web sites to desktop ERP systems.

I can easy communicate and understand needs of people from all IT spheres, because have such background.

My experience helps me to organize work efficient and smoothly. I am not afraid of emergencies and overtimes.

I am looking for long-term projects because like to concentrate all effort on one company projects only.

My rate is 45$/hr which can be slightly negotiated, because do not have feedback yet, but it is because I do not take all projects which are offered on oDesk.

I am always glad to answer your questions and provide more details by Skype about completed projects and clients.

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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Sample Cover Letter

Project Manager

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Hello sir

Thank you for providing such opportunity to help your team.

I have more than 10 years experience as software developer (PHP, .Net, DB designing), team building and leading, project managing.

I started my own team 6 year ago from 1 person me and now this team includes ~50 high qualified employees with very friendly bonds.

3-4 team members is a very good number to work effectively without any bureaucracy.

The biggest problem of small teams is that one person may do the same time N projects as a developer, PM and QA simultaneously. It always leads to mess.

I am sure that my experience can be beneficial for your team.

Small advice:
– separate duties: developers must do only development staff, QA – only test app, PM – only do management.
– use Trello instead of Asana – it is free and easy. I think it is even more useful to use simple Google Doc
– do not try organize everything
– all team members must have good relationships, no slaves and gods

I think that applying some improvements will take minimum time if your team wishes the same as you.

My rate as PM is 50$/h and I can do all stuff related organizing your work for free, because if you and your team trust me then this process will be easy and take less time, otherwise I cannot help.

Let have a free phone/Skype conversation and then decide about this job.

Have a nice day!!!

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Sample Cover Letter

Project Manager with Technical Writing Skills for Software Development

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Nice to meet you sir

I am Maria Garcia from Mexico (UTC – 7).

I have been working 2 years as senior software developer and database developer. Last year I managed web portal for chain of Mexico restaurants. So I know from scratch how to start, develop, manage and lunch any project.

Last 6 months I have adopted agile and MFS methodology documents for the current company. I know how to organize working process, to detailed project functions and manage development team.

I use FogBugz, Trello and Google docs for bug tracking, project management and ideas sharing tools.

I have a great experience in ErWin – database modeling tool and by demand I can provide screens of my DB schemas.

If you were going to hire me, I would start from clarifying my duties and project details. Base on my experience I can share ideas how to make work on this project efficiently.

Even if I do not have yet feedback on oDesk I can prove my quality work just working first trial week for 25$/hr. After trial period I would like to get 35$/hr.

Best regards, Maria!

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Sample Cover Letter

Project Server 2013 Dashboards and reports

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Dear customer

My name is Sibudum

I started learning MS Projects from 2003 version and then continue to update, customize and setup it for different companies.

I am good at developing new features, customizing existing things and installing server for small and medium development companies.

Please see attached screens that clearly show my knowledge.

Let me know please your plans according this task, so I can analyze and provide estimate for your job. I am sure that I can do this job perfectly, but I would like to see details first.

My rate is $25/h, but we can use $20/h for this project just in case you can evaluate me. I am looking for long-term projects in this sphere, so I am ready to start from less rate, but with bigger perspectives.

I can work 20hr per week first 3 months and then we can negotiate my schedule.

Thank you for spending time reading my offer.

I am looking forward for possible cooperation.

Sincere Siburdum!

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