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CSS Test

1. Consider the following code snippet: <div id="sectors"> <div id="A" class="A"></div> <div id="B" class="B"></div> <div id="C" class="C"></div> <div id="D" class="D"></div> <div id="E" class="E"></div> </div> With these style rules: <style> #sectors > div { float: left; position: relative; width: 80px; height: 80px; margin: 16px; background-color:red; color: white; text-align: center; } #sectors > div::after { content: attr(id) [...]

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Javascript Test

1. Which of the following Array methods in JavaScript runs a function on every item in the Array and collects the result from previous calls, but in reverse? Answers: reduce() reduceRight() everse() pop() 2. Which of the following is true about setTimeOut()? Answers: The statement(s) it executes run(s) only once. It pauses the script in [...]

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HTML5 Test

1. Which of the following statements regarding WebSockets is true? Answers: It communicates with the server with only the data required by the application. It lowers the latency of connections for interactive web applications. It scales better and consumes less server resources than HTTP AJAX/long-poll. All of the above. 2. Assuming that some text needs [...]

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