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Sample Cover Letter

Data Validation Support for Business List

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Hello sir

I must admit that this is very complicated job in terms of confirming data, but I have had even more complicated experience when a client asked to gather info about ALL previous companies where more than 20 000 employees worked before. I used LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks to accomplish that task.

I would estimate your task on 7000 * 5-10min = 1100h (I am sure it will take much more time), my rate is $3/h = $3300. I can agree to do this job for $1650

#1 and #2 – are most complicated because it requires research.
#3 and #4 – can be done ease, because I can write scripts to clean up all data

Let me know if you are interested in my offer

Thank you, Manahil

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Sample Cover Letter

Data Entry reviwings for new products

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Hello dear employer

My name is Maria Hernandez (UTC-3:00)

I type 55 words per minute!!! This is the maximum according the Internet research.

I am post-graduate student and have own room where nobody cannot disturb me when I work.

I am a super hard worker: 3 months ago, my client asked me to do the job, which requires 3 days, but he needed it yesterday. I closed in my room, was working at PC, without breaks, 21h, and completed it during 1 day.

I am very attentive to details, my roommates in the University always asked me to check their grammar when we did writing home tasks.

I like to communicate with people and have many friends in the city and in the Internet.

I it is hard for me to confirm that I am effective Problem Solver, because I have not faced with difficulties, which I cannot overcome yet.

I am almost expert in Windows, because install/reinstall OS and all software my-self. MS Word, Excel, Access, Photoshop my everyday working programs.

I am so exciting to work in your team. If you decide to hire me, let discuss my questions about your company, because I am looking for long-term job.

Thank you for such great opportunity sir!!!

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Sample Cover Letter

AdWords expert Cover Letter

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I’m a search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) expert.

I have handled AdWords campaign for a few clients with accompanying interesting results.

I perfectly understand the dynamics of ecommerce sites as I have worked with a few.

I will research and find the long tail keywords that our potential customers are searching for and optimize our campaigns for these keywords.

You will get a comprehensive report on everything I do and the right steps to take should you intend to run such campaigns yourself in the future.

Again, campaign results will be tracked, properly documented and sent to you as a report on weekly basis so you’ll be able to easily monitor their success.

I promise that you will see beautifully encouraging results.

I am a recommended team player and will blend easily with your team.

I take effective communication as a very important aspect of my business, so expect that I’ll respond to your queries speedily.

I’ll definitely be glad to work with you on this project.

I’m also available for a full time continuous work with you. Please do contact me.

Thank you.

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Sample Cover Letter

Need a research of projects near the water

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I have excellent research skills.

I dig as far as I need to, to get what information I seek.

Sometimes I reach out to site authors to get more reliable information.

As long as it is on the internet, I’ll find it.

I can help compile a list of industrial projects currently under construction and near bodies of water all over the world.

I will create an Excel sheet with the different headings you have provided and supply relevant information.

I enjoy research work; I promise to give you the best experience on this task.

I am equally very much available for future work on similar projects.

My rate is $7.5/hour; it’s subject to negotiation though.

I’ll be extremely happy to read from you soon.

I’m available to answer any question you may have for me.


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Sample Cover Letter

Create spreadsheet of blogs in Europe

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I use research a lot in my work.

I know how to score the web for required information.

I know tricks to apply to Google Search so it gives me exactly what I’m looking for without the usual distractions.

I see that you require a list of blogs in Europe who are in the health and wellness niche.

I can get you a list of between 400 and 500 of such blogs.

I will not just send you a list of redundant and inactive blogs, I’ll click through to make sure they’re blogs being regularly updated and, in most cases, being run by authors who interact with their audience.

This should make it easier for you to reach out to them and get a quick response. This list will be sent to you in Excel.

Please hire me and I promise to give you the best health and wellness blogs in Europe to reach out to.

My rate is not high; it’s $8/hr.

I’m available anytime for an interview.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

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Sample Cover Letter

Simple Telemarketing job

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Dear friend,

Cold calling and follow up calls are basically what I’ve done for the past two years.

This task will be excellent if we use a mass mailing software that tells us who and who opened our emails. That way I can proceed to immediately call those who opened our email while the idea is still fresh in their minds.

Those who didn’t immediately open the mail will be sent the mail again, maybe with a different heading. I will have a list of the prospects I have called and their responses. A comprehensive report will be made available to you so you know who should get the report immediately and who needs to be followed up one more time.

If we’re not using this kind of email software, I know of a plugin that can achieve this with Gmail and will be happy to recommend.

I work very well with call scripts. I internalize my scripts and speak to prospects from the heart to get the best results.

I work absolutely well in a team and will be excited to work with you on this project. My hourly rate is very friendly; it’s just $9.99/hr.

Please hire me and I can start on your project right away.

Thank you, Peter

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Sample Cover Letter

Are You a Telemarketing Wizard

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I see that you want a good telemarketer to contact potential buyers and sometimes search for more potential buyers in Indonesia.

This task is one I can carry out with different marketing tools. I have worked on similar projects in the past and so I have a CRM software installed on my computer. With the CRM tool, I was able to properly co-ordinate, monitor and record call outcomes and follow up accordingly.

I knew exactly when to follow up and prepared my pitch properly before I placed calls through. I did not only rely on calls, I equally used emails to communicate with prospects as well.

I also have a basic training in customer relationship, so I understand the minds of buyers. I know how to interface with buyers according to different occasions.

In my former assignment, I didn’t have to search for clients but I learnt how to conduct such searches on the internet to find out what businesses were interested in our business.

I’m Indonesian, I speak Indonesian and English, and I have a good knowledge of my region – this will be an advantage for this task, I believe.

I use Microsoft Office very well, especially Excel. I’m a team player; I work very well with instructions.

Please hire me for this job; I promise to give my best. My rate is 15.33/hr but I am open for negotiations.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

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Sample Cover Letter

Social Media Pro

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Hello, sir

Let me please know the goal of such sharing. If the goal is a lead generation then I can suggest using additional methods like: posts on forums, comments on thematic sites, running top rated promotional sites and sending mailcasts/surveys.

Anyway, I often do a job of creating thousands G+, Tw and FB accounts and post content, images and relink them to increase backlinks and get new customers.

I am very technical person, so I know how to accomplish such task quickly and with high quality. For example, for creating accounts I use special script, which automates this process.

In addition, I know great tools, which rewrite content to build many unique articles from one.

I am ready to start as soon as you tell.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am responsible, energetic and accurate. I always listen to people very carefully and do what they request to do.

My rate is very low for now $5/hr, because I just begin on this site.

Thank you for offer, sir.

Best regards, Michael

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Sample Cover Letter

Lead Generation

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Two years ago, I started working in a company that sells clothes for men. I got great experience in two-step-selling.

In many cases we use the Internet for the following:
– send mailcasts via MailChimp with discounts and sales
– using surveys with funny prizes
– we created and support blog and promotion sites – because it was easy to move them into top of SE
– we use social networks – but if to be honest then social networks does not work well anymore
– we use forums, review and comparison sites to generate leads
– we have Youtube/Vimeo channel with our products
– we create a simple mobile app to browse/check our products

This is a constant work to update all resources, generate new ideas, and implement them.

Each product is unique of course, so it may require some time adopting ad/promo texts for it.

Let me know more about your product, it helps me this think out what strategy is the best and provide my vision.

I would glad to help you.

Best wishes, Soiree

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Sample Cover Letter

Local National Business Coaching List

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I already did research and found first 50 national business coaching. Let me continue please and finish this job for you during this day.

To complete the list I need to know what city or country you consider as ‘local’.

I am very attentive to details and try to find all details even if contact details / links are on different pages / we sites.

Let me know you decision,

Thank you, Smurf

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