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Sample Cover Letter

Product Management

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My name is Petr fom Moskov

I am 15 years in IT: began as a software developer (PHP, Delphi, ASPX) and QA than became a senior developer, team lead and finally – project manager.

I am not just familiar with things you mentioned in your offer, but I 10 years managed our remote teams in China, Russia, Canada and small team from India.

During last 7 years, as a project manager, I communicate with clients, write functional specifications (using best UX practice), make prototypes using Axure and Visio and discuss tech implementation with our development staff.

I setup QA and development process using 3 types of working environments: development, testing and training.

I perfectly know all development stages and rebuilt PMBook and MFS methodology under needs on our company.

I taught our tech writes how to create user guides easy and attractive for end users.

I launched many different project from small web sites to desktop ERP systems.

I can easy communicate and understand needs of people from all IT spheres, because have such background.

My experience helps me to organize work efficient and smoothly. I am not afraid of emergencies and overtimes.

I am looking for long-term projects because like to concentrate all effort on one company projects only.

My rate is 45$/hr which can be slightly negotiated, because do not have feedback yet, but it is because I do not take all projects which are offered on oDesk.

I am always glad to answer your questions and provide more details by Skype about completed projects and clients.

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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Sample Cover Letter

Project Manager

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Hello sir

Thank you for providing such opportunity to help your team.

I have more than 10 years experience as software developer (PHP, .Net, DB designing), team building and leading, project managing.

I started my own team 6 year ago from 1 person me and now this team includes ~50 high qualified employees with very friendly bonds.

3-4 team members is a very good number to work effectively without any bureaucracy.

The biggest problem of small teams is that one person may do the same time N projects as a developer, PM and QA simultaneously. It always leads to mess.

I am sure that my experience can be beneficial for your team.

Small advice:
– separate duties: developers must do only development staff, QA – only test app, PM – only do management.
– use Trello instead of Asana – it is free and easy. I think it is even more useful to use simple Google Doc
– do not try organize everything
– all team members must have good relationships, no slaves and gods

I think that applying some improvements will take minimum time if your team wishes the same as you.

My rate as PM is 50$/h and I can do all stuff related organizing your work for free, because if you and your team trust me then this process will be easy and take less time, otherwise I cannot help.

Let have a free phone/Skype conversation and then decide about this job.

Have a nice day!!!

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Sample Cover Letter

Project Manager with Technical Writing Skills for Software Development

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Nice to meet you sir

I am Maria Garcia from Mexico (UTC – 7).

I have been working 2 years as senior software developer and database developer. Last year I managed web portal for chain of Mexico restaurants. So I know from scratch how to start, develop, manage and lunch any project.

Last 6 months I have adopted agile and MFS methodology documents for the current company. I know how to organize working process, to detailed project functions and manage development team.

I use FogBugz, Trello and Google docs for bug tracking, project management and ideas sharing tools.

I have a great experience in ErWin – database modeling tool and by demand I can provide screens of my DB schemas.

If you were going to hire me, I would start from clarifying my duties and project details. Base on my experience I can share ideas how to make work on this project efficiently.

Even if I do not have yet feedback on oDesk I can prove my quality work just working first trial week for 25$/hr. After trial period I would like to get 35$/hr.

Best regards, Maria!

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Sample Cover Letter

Project Server 2013 Dashboards and reports

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Dear customer

My name is Sibudum

I started learning MS Projects from 2003 version and then continue to update, customize and setup it for different companies.

I am good at developing new features, customizing existing things and installing server for small and medium development companies.

Please see attached screens that clearly show my knowledge.

Let me know please your plans according this task, so I can analyze and provide estimate for your job. I am sure that I can do this job perfectly, but I would like to see details first.

My rate is $25/h, but we can use $20/h for this project just in case you can evaluate me. I am looking for long-term projects in this sphere, so I am ready to start from less rate, but with bigger perspectives.

I can work 20hr per week first 3 months and then we can negotiate my schedule.

Thank you for spending time reading my offer.

I am looking forward for possible cooperation.

Sincere Siburdum!

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Sample Cover Letter

Magento Product Management

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I am working in IT company who develops/hosts and maintains wide variety of e-commerce solutions for US businesses.

My role is manage product catalogs for these web sites.

Usually I get products descriptions in variety of formats including: Excel, CSV, Access, PDF, Jpg, plain text and others. I convert this data into format, which is suitable for their CMS and upload it: somethings manually, sometimes automatically.

Magento is most popular solution in our company so I have been working with it more than 3 years.

I like Magento functionality. I feel that I know almost everything its management interface.

Why I think I fit for this job:
– I perfectly know Magento functionality
– I know how prepare data for importing
– I can work with different types of data
– I can process product images so they display perfectly on site
– in 1-2 weeks I can work on your project full-time. Now I am available 20hr only

I feel exited to hear from you.

When you can call me to check my experience?

Have a nice day, sir

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Sample Cover Letter

Testing Apple Watch

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Hello sir,

I am so excited to get this job, because 2 months ago I did testing of custom app: Alarm and Timer.

I found that traditional standard methods of testing do not work well, because of specifics the device.

I had very good ‘teachers’ from my previous projects who discovered me some testing nuances of these devices. This device is still rough in terms of API and SDK.

My rate is 9$/hr and I can start this job tomorrow.

If this is an urgent project I can work weekends and as much time as need to launch your product on time.

I already have Apply Watch, so you do not need to supply one to me.

Let me know when to start this job. I would be glad if you choose me.

Looking forward, sir

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Sample Cover Letter

Automation testing

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I am extremely experienced senior automation tests developer.

I really enjoy automating process and great help, which it gives, allowing our company weekly deploy stable releases.

I am not only writing scripts. Also, I like teach other QAs and even developers how to write impeccable code and do unit testing. I am glad if can share my expertise or be valuable for project.

My experience includes:
– Testing automated frameworks (Selenium, CodedUI, Splinter)
– Scripting & testing utilities (PhantomJS, CasperJS, Capybara, VS)
– Methods (Data Driven, Dynamic, Smoke, Loading, Unit, Regression)

I guarantee
– quick work around
– full and detailed reports
– scripts and complete documentation/comments for automated running
– free consultations and supporting
– work tightly with development team

My current rate is $12/hr and I can work 20hr per week first month.

Grey Afruide

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Sample Cover Letter

QA/Tester – jMeter expert

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I am an expert in Jmeter, but unfortunately cannot understand how it is possible to estimate work without knowing application functionality.

But if to generalize, then the loading testing process looks like this:
– specify what pages/functionality are critical and vulnerable for high loading. As rule these are most visited pages and payment/shipping/processing pages
– specify what is min/average and maximum amount of visitors/requests
– specify what steps should be passed to reach the page under loading – for example, the tested page is a page which opens with GET/POST parameters like ‘all=yes’;
– specify if testing must be done under particular user profile and with/without cookies
– write scenarios and test them – to be sure that they work properly
– run test in working mode for min/average and maximum values, gradually analyzing the results.
– correct scripts if need and check test again.
– use any scheduler to run test periodically for testing or production environment.
– control results and provide them to a development team

Complete the steps above for each project.

Very rough estimate for applying the steps above for standard e-commerce web will take ~ 10-16h +/-30%. If you hire me to do this, so my hourly rate is $13/hr.

If you going to start this next 1-2 weeks then I will be available ~10h/week, later depends on other offers which I consider right now.

Have a good day, sir!

Best regards, Peter

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Sample Cover Letter

Tester with Raspberry Pi 1 or 2

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Hello team

I am Robert from Spain (utc+1).

I did testing different programs, which works with such devices like: security and fire alert system, monitoring stations, SMS and e-mail stations, video motion cameras and so on. However, I have not have experience with such device yet and I am so excited to be part of your team – because possibility of this device are unlimited.

I remember time when we launched very important project and no one could catch a phantom bug. I advised to do loading test and check if this bug is a reason of overloading some variables. Using JMeter I emulated 1mln operations and yes, finally my supposition helped to run project in time.

I very good with people, software and hardware. I understand what it means launching project in time.

I can work overtime and do not need to be reminded about responsibility and attention to details.

I can adjust my working time under your team. I need approximately 2 weeks to complete the current project and can work 40h/w on yours.

I like to work within one team. I am not hopper. My preference is long term-cooperation, because this helps to learn all company products and people which plays important role in successful understanding and cooperation.

I said nothing about the experience, because I can test everything and even if I faced with something new then it takes less time to learn it.

My rate $18/h that is quite high for oDesk, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy working with me.

Have a nice day and thank you for opportunity to introduce my-self!

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Sample Cover Letter

QA expert to work directly with developers

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My name is Mary. Please see how I can help you:
– I am very friendly and have great communication skills (I worked along, with developers, with UX engineers, within QA teams). I know how to establish contact with different people and work with them without conflicts.

– I am very polite and always constructive. I know how to describe bugs, so the team members can easy reproduce it.

– I am always online, so no problem with timezone with your developers, I can contact them when it is more comfortable for them

– I can do installation testing (I did it for mobile and desktop app), smoke and sanity (if you familiar with such type), acceptance, functional, black, white, loading (using JMeter) and even unit test (on PHP only)

– I am not only can do testing, but also I can check usability and WGAC;

– I have enough time (I am post-graduated student) to work on your project without interruptions on different tasks

– I would suggest to use Google doc for tracking, if you do not use any other BugTracking systems yet. I know how to organize the working /testing process more effectively. I also used: Jira, Trello (not good for testing), Bugzilla, Fogbugz (the best one – but not free) and Basecamp (more for project management)

My rate is pretty small – $9/hr, so I hope that my candidature fits your needs 🙂

It was nice to contact you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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