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Sample Cover Letter

Skilled iOS/Android developer

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Dear customer

Please see attached my last created mobile app for iOS and Android which I most proud of.

I like doing mobile applications.

For GPS, I usually use CoreLocation for iOS and Google Play Services for Android. Let me know if you need some other frameworks, I can learn them.

I like that you mentioned ‘polished’ because it is pleasant to work with client who care about how the product looks like.

Which UI controls do you use? In my practice, we used Telerik and ChocolateChip-UI. I do not see any problems to work with any other frameworks.

I am self-disciplined and track all tasks and spent into excel spreadsheet. I agree with your payment conditions and would like to work in this project.

Thank you

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Sample Cover Letter

Graphic Design For Web Site and Newsletters

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Hi, my name is Alice from France.

I applied on this offer because feel exited to do this job. This is my specialty design marketing landing pages and eNewsletters.

A week ago I successfully completed the same project where I have designed (not HTML coded) 20 eNewletters to promote clothing. The campaign was run very successfully, because client mentioned that 15% of recipients visited his site and did purchases. I cannot share these newletters because of NDA.

Please see attached an example how landing page may look like for your web site. Do you want me to finalize it?

I agree with your payment policy and would glad to work with you sir!

Thank you

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Sample Cover Letter

Website to accept orders

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If you are looking for a cheap and reliable solution, which can be easy customizable and will not require a lot of support in future, I would recommend, based on my experience, to use Drupal CMS.

Advantages of this solution:
– wide used and great supported
– free
– there are tons of various plugins including ordering modules
– can be easy supported by wide range of developers with low rates
– has quite user-friendly admin interface for managing
– there are a lot of cheap hostings.

It is quite easy to build ordering system – it may take up to 2-3 days including setting up a staging server for your use.

To make complete estimate and start this work please provide the following info:
– description of a general product from the inventory
– will you use categories
– do you need different roles to manage orders
– do you need real-time payment system or will you use off-line payments. If you are going to use online payments then please let me know how your customers prefer to pay, so I can choose an appropriate payment gateway
– can you please give me links on inventory management web services. I need to read their tech doc to integrate our platforms

I can start this project in two days and work dedicated to complete it. I can support and assist you by this project when it completes.

Let me contact you to specify some points, which help me to provide accurate estimate and perfect solution for you.

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Sample Cover Letter

Simple website development

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My name is Tim.

Websites is my specializations and passion.

I successfully help people who are very busy in business and who do not want to go deep into technical details.

I have many ready solutions to prepare creative/design, setup web site and launch it LIVE quickly and professionally. Your site will be automatically user-friendly, which is important for businesses nowadays!

Usually companies order creative design for $450 and then hire HTML coder to stretch it over their site for another $400, but I know how to do it for $60-80 with the same high quality results. It is not a secret.

Here is my plan:
– you: provide me details about the content of your web site / site requirements;
– me: provide you design examples
– you: approve creative
– you: give me access to your registered account
– me: setup your new web site and add content
– me: support and maintenance your website, answering your questions

Whole process as rule takes 1-2 days, excluding time you need to approve creative and provide me content.

I am dedicated worker. I do not take other projects while working on the current one.

Please provide me what kind of site do you want to launch and I will supply you some example how your site may look like.

Looking forward to her from you.

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Sample Cover Letter

PHP coder for full time remote job

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Hello sir/madam

My name is Absir. I am just graduated student.

I was very good student and had positive references from my teachers. I did not have yet interesting and important projects in my portfolio, but I can prove my knowledge working in you company for free first months.

I am absolutely honest with you. I have some experience in PHP, MySQL and HTML/CSS doing tasks in the University. I do not know Perl and responsive coding yet.

I read a lot and know almost all things to design proper project architecture and code it.

I am looking for a job right now and I am sure that after completing 5 projects I will significant increase my rate. This is a good chance for you to hire me, because it would be cheap and because I would like to find friendly team and work for a long time doing my best.

Thank you for reading this.

Sincere, Absir.

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Sample Cover Letter

Front-end AJAX JQuery Developer

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I like this opportunity. I am just graduated and want to start my professional career in friendly team.

I was the best in terms of programming among other students in the University. I got only good marks.

I loved programming from the first course and during all study helped dean and curators to launch own web site with student profiles, forum, blogs and extended search features. I think am almost guru in jQuery :). Students love this site. Unfortunately, this site is in intranet, not for public, because of sensitive information.

It have experience with MVC and web forms as well.

I can offer my best qualities to your team: hardworking, friendly, always complete tasks, learn new things quickly, love programming.

I do not going to charge your team for things which are new for me and must be learnt.

The rate is not important for me right now, so I agree to start with any which is suitable for you.

I am ready to start this project right away, just waiting your call.

Sincere, Leon

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Sample Cover Letter

PHP Software Developer

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Dear sir, my name is Robert Johnson (California UTC-3:00)

1. Extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS, PHP, SQL(MySql), Javascript, JQuery
– I have built one large PHP+MySQL portal for local community of Halifx Canada. It includes possibility to create branches for local cafes, restaurants, clubs and sport centers. Integrated with payment Moneris gateway, have fully functional shopping cart: www.halifx-canada.net
– KineticJS was used to animate maps and locations, QR Encoder JS – to on fly generate QR codes for products and coupons;
– For responsive I utilize Bootstrap;
– For audio files – Howler.js jQuery library was used
– I do not like to do simple HTML coding, I prefer to use existing libraries for that

2. Experience building secure dynamic websites and infrastructure
– The portal described above uses SSO and integrated with most popular social networks. All data is stored in MongoDB encrypted MD5

3. Working knowledge of Linux scripting
– That site hosted on a dedicated Linux server under RedHat. I use Shell scripts to deploy builds from Git, and Jenkins to automate testing process

4. Extreme attention to detail
– Before doing any work I sit and described all details, interfaces and methods which are going to be developed. I like to have clear picture before doing the job

5. Ability to thoroughly test and deliver bug-free code
– For the last 3 years all my projects were launched in time and after go live I received only small things that should be corrected. I check every logical part of code before sending it to QA. I proud the quality I supply to clients

I would like to participate in your project and it is great that you pay much attention to details and quality.

My current rate is 45$/hr, but I can start from 35$/hr first month. I understand that rate is high but the quality and my professionalism reduces amount of iterations and refactoring.

I am available 30hr/week and can work weekends if this project is urgent.

Have a nice day sir!!!

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Sample Cover Letter

PHP expert

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Hello sir

As there are no details about the projects you going to use me in, so here is my short recap:
– 6 years experience: PHP+MySQL, C#+MSSQL;
– Great experience with NOSQL DB: MongoDB and CouchDB for non-transactional data;
– I worked as independent developer and like a team player, remotely and in office. I know how to manage my time effectively;
– I do not afraid overtimes and emergencies. During launching some critical projects I sleep next to servers to be sure that all go smoothly;
– My last project was a fantasy sport game for football. Fully responsive, tested under MAC and Windows, written on node.js, PHP and MongoDB.
– I use Eclipse on RedHat for development, also can work under Windows;
– Have experience with AOUTH API2 – integrated high security desktop app with web sites;
– Know how API to work with Dropbox and Google Drive – it was a medical project for saving and quick access of big amount of data;
– Well know nginx to implement software loading balancing.

For the collaborative in small projects, I use Trello and Goodge Doc. For free source control – gutbucket.

Used Fabric and Jenkins for deployment and continuous integration.

Good with DB modeling and DB coding and optimization. Worked with tables with more than 10mln records.

My rate is 40$/h, but if you provide project details then I can estimate and give you fixed price.

I am looking for a long-term project(s) and can negotiate conditions if you decide to hire me. I am very reliable and responsible person. If I choose you as an employer, then I will not do any simultaneously projects.

Best regards, David Smith

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Sample Cover Letter

Fantasy Sports

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Hi, my name is Alex from Armenia.

Last 2 years I have been developing similar system for Baseball fantasy game, which mimics famous FanDuel portal. It was done on PHP+Node.js+MongoDB.

You require developing your system on .net+MSSQL, which is not a problem for me, because I perfectly know PHP and C#.

Based on my experience I would recommend using MongoDB or CacheDB as the second storage, because MSSQL is good for transaction data, but not for real-time processing which is essential for such kind of applications.

What data service provider are you going to use? I can recommend some of them, which I used in the previous project, because they provide quite good refined and reliable data.

When you are going to start this project? Do you want to start from scratch or do you already have some code.

I can design and code this project along, but if you already have a team and can easily join it.

Can we discuss project requirements and payment conditions via skype/by e-mail.

Looking forward to hear from you, sir

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Sample Cover Letter

DotNet Nuke module required

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Dear customer,

I am glad that there are tasks for those who are specialist in DNN.

Your database specification is almost perfect, but if you wish, I would advise to change migration of some fields to get a quick search of properties. In general DNN works very slowly, if do not take into consideration some DB design tricks.

I do not have questions about the layout, but to finalize estimate it would great to see the source files in which this module will be integrated (if you wish me do it).

My rough estimate for this job is 15hr, which will cost $300.

If you would like to work with me on hourly basis then please use $20/h rate.

I do not see any problems to accomplish this task during next week, after you provide access to you project. Also I can develop it as a separate module and you will adjust styles your-self.

I am open to discuss any questions, because I am fun of DNN and would like to cooperate on long-term basis.

Thank you for such opportunity, sir!

Sincere, Garmin

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