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Sample Cover Letter

Basic Database Setup

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Hello sir

I read your requirements; unfortunately, there is no yet fully functional/free and easy online DB.

I can suggest the following options:
1) use MS Access as DB and create simple forms which allow you add/modify and filter data without knowing SQL queries

2) use MS Excel as DB and create simple forms which allow you add/modify and filter data without/with direct modifying excel sheets. These excel files can be automatically synchronized with GoogleDrive and you can access your data via the Internet – but you cannot do the back synchronization if data is modified via GoogleDrive

3) use Google Excel – this is just excel sheet in the Internet, it is useful if you phone DB is small

4) find any simple and free desktop app to manage your contacts and calls. There are tons of such app

5) search something similar for mobile devices – hope they are, but need to investigate.

Of course, I can work with TeamViewer, RemoteAdmin, RemoteDesktop and other solution to access remote PCs.

My rate is $12/hr. I think such work may take from 2h till 16h (if need to develop forms in MS Access/Excel).

I am very polite, always answer the questions and can work in your timezone if we need do discuss the tasks.

I would glad if I can help you.

Regards, Maiden

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Sample Cover Letter

MySQL Database Optimization Needed

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Let me help you with this task. I designed, optimized and support databases for such projects like: mailcast system – more than 10mln recipients/100mln sent emails, custom developed stats for more than 500 projects – processes 100000 pages every day.

I know much about optimization. Before doing any optimization need to decide, where is a problem. Performance issues can be:
– on database side, on database + server/client side (so I can help here);
– on server, client and network side (I cannot help here)

If problem related to database then my steps are:
– gather stats when site operates in regular mode. It means that users open the same pages as they usually do. Maybe make sense to write some automated scripts (by JMeter, for example) to emulate user behavior;
– analyze queries;
– possible solutions:
1) simple one – create missing indexes;
2) rewrite queries;
3) move logic into stored procedures;
4) create indexed views;
5) work together with a development team if the issue is partially related to the server side – for example, developer runs one query many times;
6) separate table on static and dynamic data – static/history data can be processed automatically by schedule;
7) use shards – complicated part, but also possible.
8) other – can be provide after detailed analyses

My name is Isabel.

I did jobs where other specialist gave up.

My rate is $25/hr and I can spent 10h/week.

I need more details about your site to estimate approximate timelines/time. The details I need: programming language, DB version, hosting and the problem description.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Isabel

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Sample Cover Letter

Create network diagram

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I would like to do this job for you, but can you please provide answers on my questions:

– do you want to draw some most common / standard network as used for small companies with 5-10 employees: internet, phones, TV, PCs? If no – please clarify: devices which you are going to use, working places, what Unifi services will be used;

– do you have any design requirements for the MS Visio diagram? If YES – please provide them

– as I know Unifi offers Internet access, VoIP and IPTV. So, please let me know which one do you want to be displayed in the diagram?

I think that you more need a person who can competently draw the diagram rather than except in networking. If I am right – I would glad to help you, because I have some experience in networking and also do some work to prepare stats reports and diagram using PPT, Visio and Word and Excel.

I agree with your price and I am willing to work with you until you are completely satisfied the results.

Best wishes, Rasin

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Sample Cover Letter

Require an expert in AWS

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Hi, it is Matt from California

Before doing the migration, I would recommend to find a reason of compromise.

So I see this job as:
1) find a reason and fix it, if you have not do it yet. In other case even if you moved it on new instance it maynot solve the problem
2) migration of your web site can be done by different ways:
– just copy one instance to another
– setup your web site from scratch and them move you data/sources

I deal with different hosting/clouds (Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, Heroku) and platforms (Windows, Unix) and sure that can do this task accurate and carefully.

If you decide to hire me, let me please know some details:
– web site platform: windows or LAMP
– web site DB
– does it have any additional services like SMTP, SSL, FTP
– do you already have new instance or I need to create it

Let me know if you ready to discuss these questions by Skype. I am available everyday from 18:00 -23:00 (UTC).

My rate is $20/hr. Depending on your answers this work may take from 4hr till 24hr

I would glad to help you.

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Sample Cover Letter

Data consolidation and mail merge

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Hi, my name is Noor

Let me do this job for you, sir. I can provide you quality-processed data in 1h after you give me the file.

I did such job for my current company where I am working as a programmer, so I know how to clean up, parse and prepare data for printing.

I guarantee you will be satisfied the results.

Much appreciate

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Sample Cover Letter

Virtual Assistant / Data Entry / Sales

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Dear employer

My name is Yosef

For the last 4 years I have been working on a factory with the same duties as you described:
– preparing RFQ and sending them to suppliers by e-mails
– reminding suppliers to reply on not answer RFQ yet
– update pricing and items based on RFQ. We use BusinessVision, Excel and Access
– generate quotes based on FRQ;
– create purchase orders to keep ordered items existing
– do forecast and order items in advance for most popular of them, so always can deliver products in time
– keep all data accurate and safety
– periodically backup all data and preparing reports to my manager

I sure that my experience can be beneficial for your company.

I made many improvements in the working process working in the previous company, which can be useful for your company too.

I am not a hopper, and like to work in one company as long as possible. I like to know all details about my jobs and do the best to establish good rapport with my colleges.

I am very carefully make a decision to choose a new company, so I will have some questions if you decide to hire me.

I am definitely OK to work in timezone which you prefer.

It would be pleasure for me to contact you, sir.

Best wishes.

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Sample Cover Letter

Post articles and do other various VA activities

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I am glad to introduce my-self:
– I am very social involved person; I have many accounts in almost all social networks.
– I have own 9 blogs about travel, food, different games and other activities
– I work with such blogger systems: wordpress, drupal, blogger, tumblr, medium, Svbtle, LiveJornal
– I am very active, polite and enthusiastic.

I am student, and have much free time in terms of doing such job. Most of the time I am online, so can instantly answer your questions and do requests.

Such work requires to be well-organized person who can manage different things, accurate enter and keep information, track all actions, keep accounts in secret, provide updates about completed and planning tasks.

I would very glad you if give me a chance to show the best I can do for your organization.

I agree with your payment conditions and can work all days every day.

Thank you very much sir for the opportunity.

Sincere, Aarav from India

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Sample Cover Letter

Helping manage my personal life

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Hello sir

My name is Angela and I would glad to help you.

I am from the Philippines. Let me please introduce my-self:
– I am naturally happy
– I have good characteristics and personality: patient, composed, generous, caring and supportive
– I am family oriented
– I am faithful and loyal
– I am smart and well educated

Last 2 years I have been doing the similar job for people who cannot care about your-self. All my clients are my best friends now. They always glad to see and talk with me by Skype or phone.

They can give recommendations if you wish.

I like to help people and it is pleasure for me.

Do not worry about timeone, I can adjust my time as you wish and do your entire requests in time.

Thank you for this opportunity, sir.

Best wishes, Angela.

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Sample Cover Letter

Gathering highest quality songs for a workout

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Hello Let me do it for you, because I know tricks how to download, convert and save music in high quality from almost all web sites that allow you to listen to music, but do not allow downloading it. I even know how to extract and save music in great quality from youtube videos. For me there are no restrictions getting songs, if they are in the Internet. I agree with your price conditions for this work. I like music and have numerous songs, which may be interesting for you. I would glad if I can help you. Regards, Iosif

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Sample Cover Letter

Converting website into presentation

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I can do this presentation during 1-2 days including your feedback and changes.

I would recommend to use Prezi for this job because:
– your presentation will be online and you can send a link to everybody
– Prezi is very powerful almost as PowerPoint and it is popular
– you can modify and print it as PDF whenever you want. You even can share permissions to someone else to modify it online
– it is easy to add very nice animation which is super attractive

I have good sense on style and can adjust presentation to your requirements such as: colors, fonts, animation and music. On the current place of work, I always work close with designer to fit clients’ expectations.

I like to do presentations and work perfectly with PowerPoint (I even wrote a small game using PPT), Prezi (which I recommend) and MS Visio.

I have great experience with Adobe Photoshop which is defiantly required here to process images before using them in the presentation.

Most of time I am online in Skype, so I can communicate with you quickly and effectively. I will not go to sleep until getting all details and clarification to start doing urgent tasks. You can rely on me.

I am considering your price as reasonable, and would be glad if you hire me to accomplish it.

It was nice to meet you sir.

Regards, Sam

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