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Semiconductor Electronics Test

1. An SCR is a solid state equivalent of a _____. Answers: triode pentode thyratron diode 2. If the input to an integrating circuit is a square wave, the output will be _____. Answers: triangular rectangular saw-tooth spiked 3. A P-type material is _____. Answers: positively charged negatively charged electrically neutral none of the above [...]

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Fiber Optics Test

1. For a step index fiber, relationship between numerical aperture (NA) and coupling efficiency (ηc) is ________. Answers: a b c d 2. Mirrors are placed in LASER optical sources to maintain conditions for ________. Answers: incoherence amplification modulation coherence 3. Optical bandwidth (OB) relates to electrical bandwidth (EB) when Answers: OB<EB OB=EB OB>EB OB≥EB [...]

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Electronic Design Test

1. A Colpitt’s oscillator uses _____. Answers: a tapped inductor a tapped capacitor no tapped inductor or capacitor both a tapped inductor and a tapped capacitor 2. A Wien-bridge oscillator is basically a _____. Answers: pulse generator sine-wave generator square-wave generator triangular wave generator 3. A voltage V=300cos100t is applied to a half wave rectifier [...]

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