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Virtual Assistant Skills Test 2016

1. Which of the following is NOT a social media platform where users can post their own tips and reviews? Answers: Yelp Angie's List Second Life Foursquare 2. ____________________ has had many plugins created for popular website platforms like Wordpress and Joomla, apps for smart phones and tablets, and tools for use with software programs [...]

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Telephone Etiquette Certification 2016

1. During the course of your work, you answer a telephone call from an angry customer who has a lot to say. How should you deal with the situation? Answers: Simply say "sorry I have said whatever I could" and hang up. Raise your voice and try to reason with the customer. Ask your co-worker [...]

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Office Skills Test 2016

1. Your computer is not printing and a technician is not available, so you perform the following activities to investigate the problem. In which order should you take these up? 1 See if the printer cartridge is finished 2 See if the printer is switched on 3 Try to print a test page using the [...]

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Help Desk Certification 2016

1. Which of the following monitor the service level performance in terms of caller information? Answers: Number of calls received. Number of calls transferred. Number of calls dropped. Number of calls held waiting for given periods of time. All of the above 2. Which of the following does the call cycle time include? Answers: Closing [...]

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Email Etiquette Certification 2016

1. What does it mean to 'respect somebody else's bandwidth'? Answers: To measure the width of the desktop PC in comparison to a laptop of the same brand. To open doors for them to fit through, a reference specifically to the real rather than the virtual world. To be conscious of how much storage space [...]

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Content Writing Skills Test 2016

1. Given below are some examples of sentences that must be avoided in formal writing. I. All's fair in love and war. II. It's not rocket science. III. I'm not gonna talk to that guy again. IV. Oh, he's such a cool dude! Select the answer options that correctly describe these sentences. Answers: I and [...]

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Call Center Skills Test 2016

1. Choose the correct spelling of the word from the options below. Answers: Pronounciation Pronuciation Pronuncitation Pronunciation 2. A solid cube is painted green on two adjacent sides and black on the sides opposite to the green sides and yellow on the remaining sides. The cube is then cut into 64 small cubes of equal [...]

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